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I'm a huge believer in capturing moments with your family, motherhood, and everything else that comes with it. This is not because I'm a photographer, it's because I'm a Mom. I know how fleeting these moments are and how busy our lives are. So, this is your sign to stop "thinking about it" and book it! I always say you'll never regret the money you spend capturing your family in the exact season of life you are in. And when it comes to capturing families, don't stress about your kids behaving, smiling at the camera, and being composed. That's not real life! Let your kids run wild, explore, have a tantrum and just enjoy them during our session.


To make things a bit easier on my families, I also provide a personal styling portal for you, stying assistance and access to my complete client wardrobe! That's just all extra bonuses that come with your session. Take advantage of my client wardrobe as I've carefully selected a variety of beautiful dresses and outfits meant just for you and your family to make your life a little more stress-free! 

Collection I 

Up to 90 minutes

50 Images

Online gallery | print release

Outfit change - 2 looks (if desired)

Styling Assistance

Access to client wardrobe + Styling portal

Nils, Lea + Forest-14.jpg


Collection II 


Up to 45 minutes of coverage

25 Images

online gallery | print release

Styling Assistance

access to client wardrobe + styling portal

Collection III 


Up to 30 minutes

10 Images

Online gallery | Print release

Styling Assistance

Access to client wardrobe + Styling portal

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