Grenada Lake

Grenada, MS

CJ and Alexa chose Grenada Lake to have their winter engagement session. I think we can all agree that this location is absolutely stunning. There are not a lot of places in Mississippi where you can get this type of scenery and I am lucky enough to live only an hour from it. The green trees mixed along with Mississippi red mud makes for some of my favorite colors in photographs. Not to mention, CJ and Alexa's outfit choice help create the perfect atmosphere for truly romantic photos. 

From the moment I met CJ and Alexa, I just fell in love with THEIR LOVE. There are just some couples  I could photography for hours and these two were one of those couples. Their chemistry and the way they interacted with each other was mesmerizing. They are the reason I love what I do. But let's be honest for a second...being intimate in front of a camera and a total stranger can be quite awkward. And yes, it takes awhile to get "warmed up" and feeling relaxed, which is why my engagement sessions are typically 1-2 hours long. Let me just say, this was NOT the case with CJ. The moment I met these two, one of the first things out of CJ's mouth was "This is going to be so fun!" I wanted to hug him right then and there. When the guy can be excited and pumped about the session, it allows his woman to feel so much more comfortable. It allows her to feel beautiful and completely herself. And that is exactly what happened here. These two giggled, laughed, enjoyed each other, and truly embraced being engaged. 

There is nothing that I enjoy more than to be a part of telling love stories through photography. And lucky for me, these two will be behind my camera once again on their wedding day!