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Jordan + Marissa

As some of you know, I had posted an engaged couple's casting call in hopes of meeting some fresh faces in and around Mississippi. I had a number of wonderful couples who contacted me, letting me in on their life and love story. I couldn't have been more grateful for all the responses I received, especially this one.

Meet Jordan & Marissa. Out of all the responses I received, Jordan was the only man who contacted me. All of the other responses were from women, which was to be expected because us women love to share our story :) This young man gushed over his bride to be, sharing all of the reasons why he can't wait to marry her.

One of the questions I asked my engaged couples was "What is something interesting about you and your fiancé?"

Jordan's Response: "Her love for children, her adventurous spirit, and her love to help people before she helps herself." He ended with their combined passion to "take care of anyone in need and they're love to do anything they can for anybody." There is nothing sweeter than a couple who cares for others because you know that if they are willing to go above and beyond for other people, they will do the same for each other in their marriage. I think we can all take a lesson from this young man who seems a bit more in tune with what's most important in life.

Of course, after reading this man's confession of love for his fiancé, they were one of my chosen couples. Jordan & I discussed places that would most likely represent their relationship and we landed on a secluded pond with a dock, surrounded by beautiful trees. We agreed this would be the perfect spot to showcase their affection for each other! As with most of my clients, I try and convince them to wade into the water if at all possible. hehe As a Floridian, I just can't help myself when it comes to the water. These two were more than willing and had such a fun time with it.

By the end of the session, Jordan even had a few spectacular photo ideas of his own. He wanted a sunset shot of him proposing to his future bride because they didn't have a chance to capture the moment when it first happened. Nothing pleases me more than when I receive ideas from couples, because ultimately, those ideas help to bring their story to life in their photos :)

I decided to write this blog today in honor of their upcoming wedding THIS SATURDAY! Congratulations Jordan & Marissa. I wish you nothing but the best in life and pray God will bless your sweet marriage.

"I think about marrying her every morning I wake up until I lay my head down to go to sleep."- Jordan Ellis

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