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Jake + Shelby

When I moved to Mississippi I was a little skeptical...Okay, let me rephrase, I was A LOT skeptical. My husband and I were moving to Mississippi for his job and I wasn't exactly thrilled. No big secret there. When I pictured Mississippi, the only vision in my head was corn fields and catfish ponds. THRILLING, right?

Well, it just goes to show that you need not judge a place at first thought OR sight because there are hidden gems EVERYWHERE.

And speaking of hidden gems, look at this place! Bull Bottom Farms is basically what I like to refer to as the Disney World of Mississippi. Bull Bottom Farms is a family owned operation out of Duck Hill, Mississippi where they allow families to come and enjoy their land. They have hay rides, pumpkin patches, tree houses, petting zoo, and SUNFLOWER FIELDS.

When Shelby and I had spoke for the first time, she mentioned that her dream engagement shoot would be in a Sunflower Field. Now, being new to Mississippi, I had NO IDEA how to make this happen because I had no idea where to find these things! Yes, there was the possibility of sneaking onto someone's field and snapping a few photos before they ever noticed but that seemed less than ideal. And a bit like trespassing? But thanks to a fellow photographer, she pointed me in the direction of Bull Bottom Farm and I think BOTH, Shelby & I's, dreams came true.

One of my favorite things about Jake and Shelby is how genuine they both are. They both are honest, real, and completely themselves whether in front of the camera or not.

One of my favorite things about these two was that they weren't afraid to get a little intimate in front of the camera. Yes, I know, this can be awkward for about ANYONE. But if you get up the courage, or drink a few glasses of wine before, this happens. A little wine goes a long way. haha! You would have never known that I was there and isn't that just the whole point?!

And to end our evening, a shot of the moon. <3


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