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Jordan + Darby

Some fellow Arkansans! Okay, I know I'm not from Arkansas but sometimes like to align myself with them when I'm feeling a little out of place in "the South." I tell my husband all the time that the South just won't let us go and eventually God will have moved us to every state in and around this area. We currently live in Itta Bena, MS where my husband took a job in aquaculture. Most people give us a confused look when we say "aquaculture" and then try to correct us by saying "you mean agriculture?"

"Um, no...aquaculture...like fish" is usually my response.

Not that I don't like the south, but some mountains and snow would please my soul these days. Florida was my home for most of my life, then Arkansas for a few years, and now Mississippi.

So when I got to Marianna, Arkansas for this engagement shoot, I was pretty pumped...because the grass is always greener on the other side, right!? haha!

Well not this grass, maybe the cotton was whiter on this side??? haha! Jordan is a third generation farmer and Darby couldn't be any more excited to join in on the family business. Her and Jordan have been together for 9 years and this engagement, I suppose, was much anticipated!

And I'd have to say that Jordan KILLED IT on the ring choice. Absolutely stunning!

Darby is an acrylic painter/artist and I'm sure that ring has been distracting her as she paints. haha!

With every couple, there's always something that makes them unique to every other couple. Jordan and Darby are by far some of the kindest souls I've ever met. It radiates out of them. They care...about everything. They care about the small things and the big things and most importantly, they have a heart for others.

This is a recipe for success when it comes to marriage. Marriage is self-lessness, compassion, and putting each other first. These two understand these principles and will continue to be beautiful examples of love to those around them.

Congratulations Jordan and Darby. You two are such a light to everyone you come in contact with and I am thankful to have met you!


They also have the best wedding hast tag ever. Hands down.

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