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Teddy + Amanda

When you think of Miami wedding, your mind easily goes to a glamorous venue close to the beach where everyone is dressed in their best attire. This is why this particular elopement was so unique and by far one of my most favorite.

Teddy and Amanda decided to make this day all about them, including showing off their style...and amazing style at that! They wanted to remember each moment of their day from the "first look" all the way to their first dance. No, just because you decide to elope doesn't mean you have to forgo some important wedding traditions! It just means those special moments are more intimate. And who doesn't want that!?

Their wedding took place at Redland Koi Gardens in Miami, FL where the trees overhanging the outside venue created the most perfect amount of shade. The venue is full of romance and is a sanctuary to celebrate "two becoming one." You felt as if you were in your own private jungle oasis, surrounded by peaceful noises of birds chirping and the trees gently blowing in the wind.

The decor centered around Teddy and Amanda's wedding screamed ROMANCE. Picture frames full of love quotes were scattered around the venue, making even myself wish I could get married all over again.

Their intimate reception was centered around a super hip mobile bar by "Hitched Affair," adding to the more laid back vibe of their wedding.

The dining table and sweetheart table decor featured the ever popular succulents and hints of desert vegetation to help bring the bohemian style to life. Cactus were parked near the ceremony arbor, as well as at the dessert table, allowing a melding of glam and relaxation.

Amanda was the most stunning bride and that gorgeous beaded dress made her groom swoon for sure! Her beautiful skin tone showed perfectly through the uniquely placed mesh fabric, making her appear like an island princess. And let's not forget about Teddy's blue suit. STYLE. STYLE. STYLE. I am partial to blue suits, as my husband wore one on our wedding.

To top it off, these two had some of the most undeniable chemistry I have seen between a couple. Literally, they took in every moment and it was like I wasn't even there. They laughed, danced, shared drinks, and stared into each other's eyes as if no one else existed. Every time I see these photos, I can't help but smile and feel all lovey-dovey myself.


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