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Shane + Alii

I love the photographer community. Especially photographers who subscribed the same mentality I do, which is Community Over Competition. Instead of competing against each other, lift each other up. We are all in this together! It is so refreshing when I can work through some business frustrations or share a photo I am excited about with my fellow photographers. This couple right here is the fruit of one of those very relationships.

My friend Joanna, who is also a photographer, contacted me to let me know she was sending Shane and Alii my way! Joanna and I met in Florida at a Women's Bible study and have stayed in touch ever since. Joanna's passion is photographing families, so whenever someone inquires about a wedding in Florida, she sends them my way. I am definitely blessed by her friendship to say the least. <3

When Alii and I finally had a moment to chat about her wedding, we clicked instantly. Let me say that this is why I strive to talk or meet up with all of my prospective clients before booking! Your photographer is going to be with you YOUR ENTIRE WEDDING DAY....like a shadow, so it's a good idea if you get along with them! This time to chat gave us a moment to get to know each other and talk through what her wedding day may look like so I could give some input on what I thought would work best for her. Alii and I were on the same page from the start and I was instantly excited about the thought of capturing her day. Everything worked out and Shane and Alii decided to book with me and now HERE WE ARE!

Recently, while I was in Florida, I set up an engagement session with Shane and Alii. I love when I get the chance to photograph a couple before their wedding day. It helps make the wedding day more relaxed because we have already spent time with one another. With any of my full day weddings packages, I offer a complimentary engagement session for this exact reason :)

For Shane and Alii session, we decided to hit the beach! Let me tell you, living in rural areas has somewhat erased traffic and crowds of people from my memory. When I say there were THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of people ON the beach, I am not lying. I PANICKED...for a moment. Then I remembered I got there early (as usual) and by the time Shane and Alii were to arrive, many beach goers would be packing up their stuff to go home. Luckily, this was the case and we found a secluded spot on the beach just for the two of them.

As you can see, I even convinced these two adventurers to get in the ocean for some OH SO ROMANTIC photos! These are by far my absolute favorite from the bunch.

As the shoot ended, Shane and Alii thanked me and told me that I was an answered prayer. My heart just melted. That is by far the sweetest thing any client has ever said to me. Your photos are SO important to me and I love when a client can see that they are in good hands with me as their photographer. :)


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